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Customized Advanced Massage Treatments  

30-minutes $45;         60-minutes $75;           90-minutes $105;          120-minutes $150

Each session is tailored to your health care goals and needs. 

Medical Massage - Try this non-pharmaceutical form of pain relief and feel the therapeutic difference. With advanced training and certification, Caryn integrates a variety of highly developed massage skills to get the results you are looking for to relieve pain, recover from injuries, increased mobility, improve athletic performance, and relieve discomfort.

Relaxation Massage - A blend of amazing massage techniques that produce deep relaxation. This is the perfect way to maintain and chase away stress. Sessions can be created for specific regions or a full body treatment.

 Pregnancy Massage

30-minutes $45;         60-minutes $75;           90-minutes $105         

Designed for the Mom-to-be to alleviate discomfort and improve overall relaxation.  Enjoy the benefits massage can bring to the pregnancy experience.  Be sure to consult with your doctor prior to your session.

Massage Cupping Therapy 

30-minutes $50;         60-minutes $80;        90-minutes $110

An ancient tool with incredible results.  This simple treatment produces impressive results by creating suction and vacuum pressure.  Vacuum therapy is a versatile modality and can be used as part of a therapeutic massage session on by it self for a full body treatment.

  • Cupping provides: pain relief, release of tight muscles and fascia, release of adhesions and trigger points, improved fluid flow of blood and lymph and provides hydration to the tissues.
  • Cupping is excellent for lymphatic drainage and improving the immune system.

Caryn is trained and certified in Medi-Cupping from Ace Massage Cupping and Therapy.

Cellulite Treatment

75-minute $85

Dwindle those dimples using vacuum therapy, massage, lymphatic drainage and a special blend of essential oils to help you look fabulous in your swimsuit.  This is an effective treatment to temporarily reduce cellulite.  For best results, a series of session are recommended.  Save on a series of treatments with a prepaid package. 

Melt-A-Way Massage

75-minute $130

Ahh! This will quickly become your favorite way to unwind and melt away into sweet nothingness. This is a full body massage treatment that combines warm towels and stones integrated with soothing massage strokes. 

Energy Treatment

30-minutes $45;         60-minutes $75;           90-minutes $105              

Gentle hand placements and flowing movements create a deeply relaxing session that allows for balance and harmony physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Caryn is trained in a variety of modalities including: EMF Balancing, Therapeutic Touch, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Reiki, and Shiatsu.



 Gift Certificate and Prepaid Packages are available.


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